Help us change lives for the Gospel.

By supporting the missions and ministries of True Life Church, you not only enable us to provide a place where Jesus can be discovered every week, but you are helping to change lives in our community: lives who need the Savior, lives who need food and clothes, lives who need support. Financial gifts keep our doors open and our hands serving. Help us continue to change lives for God's glory by clicking the button below.

Things your gift goes to...

If you've ever wondered how your offering helps, these are just a few of the purposes we use your donations for:

  • helping people pay their utility bills and other assistance
  • purchasing groceries for those in need
  • radical generosity in our community & short-term placement for families
  • the maintenance of our building and operating costs such as power, water, and staffing
  • the support of local non-profit missional groups
  • global missions in Asia
  • outreach into our community
  • and many others...

We believe so much in tithing Biblically that our church also gives 10% of our total income away every single month. This includes helping families with needs and making a difference in our neighborhoods through generosity. In the last few years, True Life Church has given over $65,000 right back into our community. 

You're invited to help us help others as we partner with our community!