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A HUGE thank you and praise to our Father for a successful surgery for Rachel last week! Continued prayers for her for a thorough recovery.


Praying for James Wolff and his health both physically and mentally.


Requesting prayer for my dear friend Nadeena who lost her husband unexpectedly this past Sunday morning to a blood clot while out walking their dogs. God used them mightily as a couple to disciple and mentor kids, youth and college-aged adults. He leaves behind three college-aged boys, a wife who he was still head-over-heels well as the small Alabama community where he taught high school and coached multiple sports. Please pray for comfort, but especially pray for opportunities for those young men he’s worked with to come to know the Lord as their loving, saving Father because of Mike’s example. Thank you.


Prayers that everyone at True Life will find meaningful connections in the upcoming small groups that ultimately help us be united as a close-knit family/church-body.


Prayers for my Uncle Warden as he is going through chemo, battling Leukemia and Pneumonia. Also for his family for peace, comfort, and provision during this time.

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