Serving others is what Jesus modeled for us.

Start serving with us in some of the areas listed below and making a difference in our community.


    We expect new guests every weekend. We hope to welcome them like it's our own house: clean, friendly and inviting to families. Our Hospitality teams accomplish that, through coffee and refreshments, hosting the welcome desk and greeters, and weekly cleaning teams. 


    The things on the platform don't just happen by themselves. We have a dedicated team that works just as hard behind computer screens, coordinating our live-stream, mixing audio, controlling dmx lighting and ProPresenter so lyrics and backgrounds are up for the songs. If you're a techie, this may be right up your alley. 


    We strive to be a harbor of safety for children and families. Through teaching, modeling compassion and learning through fun, our kids are highly valued. We need servants every weekend in our TreeHouse and ClubHouse Kid's rooms, as well as evening assistants at UTH. All who serve in this area must pass background checks and become CPR certified. 


    Our worship band is made up driven people who give their time and talents freely every week in rehearsal and on the platform. A servant's heart is key to this awesome team. The band leads us every week in worship and praise to God, as well as worship nights throughout the year. 

  • H.O.P.E. Team

    Our HOPE Team is fairly new here at True Life Church. Standing for "Helping Others Pursue Empowerment," this team assists in life coaching individuals and couples, coordinating meal trains for sick families, and assisting in financial aid when necessary. This group meets as required to meet the needs of others. 

  • Canaveral Port MINISTRY

    We partner with the Canaveral Port Ministry every 5th Sunday of the month, bringing & serving food and connecting with seafarers who work on the cruise and transport ships. This ministry continues to serve and share Jesus with thousands of people from over 100 countries every month. 

Want to serve with us?

If you're interested in serving in any areas of the ministries above and want to make a difference in our community and our church, start by filling out the form